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Aurore Rivals

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Concert-lecture-exhibition in the context of Libraries' night, Jacques Ellul Pessac s' media library, October 14th 2017, with the harpist Marie-Emmanuelle Allant-Dupuy and the actor Jean-Philippe Ibos.

Artist Benjamin Carbonne's performance accompanied on the flute and singing in the context of Bouffarty, Galerie Bouillon d'art, Bordeaux, September 23d 2017, with the soprano Junko Saito.

Dedication, Musicora Music Fair, Paris, April 28th 2017, with the opera singer Guy Flechter.

Opening, exhibition of the picture The Dehumanized, in the context of 11th Débit d'Art, Georges de Sonneville museum, Gradignan, December 2d 2016.
Theme : "Be indignant".

Concert sur le pouce, Bordeaux, Centre d'animation Saint-Pierre, April 8th 2016, with the cellist Marianne Muglioni and the harpist Daphné de Driesen.

Concert flute and piano in the context of National Hungarian Day, Petit théâtre Saint-Exupère, Blagnac, March 15th 2016, with the pianist Izabella Horváth.

Concert flute and cello, Concert'Ô home, Bordeaux, February 5th 2016, with the cellist Marianne Muglioni.

Opening, exhibition of the picture Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, in the context of 10th Débit d'Art, Georges de Sonneville museum, Gradignan, December 4th 2015.
Theme : "Hybrid".

Evening launch for the novel Hyenas at the city's gates, lectures and music, Atelier 34, Bordeaux, November 12th 2015, with the publisher Jonathan Hénault.

Dedication, Hotel L'Océan 2, Montalivet, September 6th 2015, with the Cordouan lighthouse keeper Jean-Paul Eymond.

Recording of the French songs group Les Bombyx du Cuvier's second album, Studio 504, July 9th 2015, with Hugo A. Loud and Olivier Vedel.

Blaye's Book Fair Livres en citadelle, December 7th 2014, with the authors Xavier Dorsemaine and Guy Rechenmann.

Arès Book Fair Les Pages du Bassin, salle Brémontier, May 17th 2014.

Voila!Festival, the annual French-Language-Loving Festival, readings of the novel Pôle emploi, Pôle émoi's extracts, Emue Publisher, The Cockpit, London, November 2d and 9th 2013, with the actors Berty Cadilhac, Jeff Vitale, Emilie Perraudeau and Louis Bernard.

Concert flute and harp, Andernos-les-Bains's media library, May 30th 2013, with the harpist Sophie Clavel.

Meeting about the book Conversations about Peter Eötvös' first five operas, Centre de Documentation de la Musique Contemporaine, Paris, September 14th 2012, with the opera singers Jérôme Varnier and Topi Lehtipuu, with the publishers François Frère and François Meïmoun.

Aurore Rivals plays Cadenza, piece for solo flute by Peter Eötvös, Centre de Documentation de la Musique Contemporaine, Paris, March 24th 2012.

Paris Book Fair, Porte de Versailles, March 17th 2012.

The composer and conductor Peter Eötvös and Aurore Rivals, working session at Budapest, February 6th 2012.