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Aurore Rivals

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The guy who cycles and who blesses people, novel

November 2020, le Chant des Voyelles Publisher, ISBN 978-2-490580-09-5, 132 p.

A man who has no name crosses the cycle path on an old bike. He never has the same appearance : people see him as a tramp, as a fortune teller, as a ghost, as a madman, as a prince. His face doesn’t appear on photos. He never sees two times the same person. He meets a footballer who goes through an existential crisis, a trader and his she-ass, two young artists who are about to get married, a little boy on the run with his odd animal, war children and fight dogs slaves of an old witch, a young woman who has not the heart to leave her garden, a shepherd who is fond of his ewes. He listens a lot and talks little and so quietly that he is heard very clearly. His bike journey is endless and his memory, huge. His smile relieves pains, his presence is an awakening. He is surprising and deeply moving. Nobody never recovers from his crossing.

Flutes’ little stories
Loving dictionary

October 2018, Aedam Musicae Publisher, ISBN 978-2-919046-57-7, 152 p.

How to talk about flute in the XXIst century ? With humility, love and humor. This dictionary of little stories is a tribute to my instrument and to all the people and the works of art that matter to me, culturally, intellectually, emotionally.

Aurore Rivals is offered a writing grant from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region for this book within the framework of industry contract book 2018-2020.

Hyenas at the city's gates, novel

November 2015, Bijoux de Famille Publisher, ISBN 978-2-9538328-5-3, 180 p.

Marigold, Mauve, Marie-Soleil and Noé are teenagers who live in a world without wild animals, where water is extremely rare. They only know domestic animals bred in farmyards and enclosures by each family of the City, to provide for vital needs. Marigold’s little sister, Chrystale, suffers from a strange disease which seems incurable : from day by day, she gets more and more transparent. The discovery of odd creatures with moonface and blissful smile hidden inside the only tree of the City, a timeless chestnut tree, will point to a series of surprising other meetings.

Universal dictionary of creative women

Under the leadership of Antoinette Fouque, Mireille Calle-Gruber and Béatrice Didier.

November 2013, "des femmes" Publisher, Belin Publisher, paperback, EAN 9782721006318, 3 volumes, 4982 p.

November 2015, eBook, EAN 9782721006516.

March 2018, accessible on the website:

Forty centuries of women’s creation worldwide in all the fields of human history, art, culture and science.

Pôle emploi, Pôle émoi, short novel

July 2013, Emue Publisher, digital and paper publisher, ISBN paperback 978-1-922143-23-5, 112 p ; ISBN eBook 978-1-922143-24-2.

20- and 30- something women of the digital age still dream of Prince Charming, but modern technology has yet to tackle time-travel. Life is busy enough between online dating sites and unemployment agencies. The banalities of contemporary life are getting to this young artist who, following her mentor Jean-Paul Sartre, longs for a less hectic existence in the arms of a brave knight.

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Les enfants du Bassin, novel

May 2013, Vents Salés Publisher, "Azur" collection, ISBN 978-2-35452-078-6, 118 p.

A young man and a young woman, brother and sister, love each other, with a violent and devastating love. Idle, they wander along the « Bassin d’Arcachon », between « Andernos-les-Bains » and the « Cap Ferret ». The young woman, torn between her brother’s suffocating love and a gloomy fighter pilot’s one, more moderate, is haunted by the image of a great white shark, that she thinks she saw at the « Pointe du Cap Ferret », wonderful creature she will owe her salvation.

Conversations about Peter Eötvös' first five operas

July 2012, Aedam Musicae Publisher, "Musiques XX-XXIčme sičcles" collection, ISBN 978-2-919046-06-5, 182 p.

This interviews' collection talks about the first five operas of the hungarian composer and conductor Peter Eötvös (born in 1944) : Trois Sśurs, Le Balcon, Angels in America, Lady Sarashina and Love and Other Demons. The first part includes five interviews with Peter Eötvös, the second one includes six interviews with opera singers and a conductor.

Peter Eötvös' operas, between East and West

Under the leadership of Márta Grabócz.

April 2012, "des Archives Contemporaines" Publisher, ISBN 9782813000903, 176 p.

"La construction des livrets" chapter, p.7-36.

The Smilers of the Opera, novel

March 2012, Christian Rolland Publisher, "UltraDanse" collection, ISBN 978-2-9538184-1-3, 144 p.

Smile is their job, dance is their passion : Nils, Chrissy and Cillian are ballet lead dancers. Nils thinks he is Maximilien Robespierre’s reincarnation and leads his own revolution in the Opera and in his private life. Eddy, the ballet master, is a gloomy and solitary man who looks at the world with lucidity. He knows how to evade the other’s fuss and his own fuss. But he will be overwhelmed with his own lucidity. Cillian lost his brother and he is in charge of his nephew, Topi. The child will take part of the music and dance’s world forever and he will witness dancers’ joys and dramas.

Don't forget to be a child, novel

March 2011, Kirographaires Publisher, ISBN 978-2-917680-22-3, 114 p, out of print.

Lysis is a 25-year-old young woman who lives with a 65-year-old man, a clarinettist. Overwhelmed with a grave secret, she takes refuge in a mythological world with the young actor Heath Ledger as a god. Gurkan is a young man who is day and night haunted by miserable childhood. Lysis and Gurkan will meet, understand each other or more precisely guess each other. A modest and affectionate relationship will soon be established between them.

"Le destin vu sous l'angle de l'abstraction dans l'opéra Trois Sśurs de Peter Eötvös"

L'éducation musicale magazine, issue 551/552

Beauchesne Publisher, Paris, March/April 2008


"Alain Bancquart : penser la musique et la voix de concert avec le texte"

L'éducation musicale magazine, issue 531/532

Beauchesne Publisher, Paris, March/April 2006